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clearskin-girl2012-clear-complexion-FLATClear skin does not have to be a battle. Meticulous Labs’ Clear Complexion B5 is a safe and effective supplement that can aid in eliminating persistent acne from the inside out. Stop punishing your skin with harsh surface treatments and stop acne before it starts. Clear Complexion B5 works from within, visibly effective on the outside.

  • Reduces oil production and stops acne (including blackheads) at the source, not just the surface!
    • Combines proven effectiveness of Vitamin B5 with L Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin C, Zinc, and other selected powerful natural ingredients.
    • Manages all types of acne to maintain healthy skin, naturally.
    • Vitamin B5 works! It has been shown to reduce the production of sebum, the main cause of acne breakouts.
    • EASY twice daily liquid dosing (up to 20 pills required by other B5 products).


Real Users, Real Results!

“This stuff really works! I’ve tried everything these last few years to keep my acne under control: home remedies, antibiotics, other medications, topical creams and nothing does the trick. I’ve been to the dermatologist several times and she prescribed me birth control to control my acne, after that not working, several times in a few years she prescribed Monodox antibiotics and the reviews rated it very well, said for most people it works in 4-10 days. My acne only increased with taking Monodox and I was on those pills 7 weeks. Then she put me on a couple of different creams, a retin-a gel and a benzoyl cream, and those seemed to just dry out my face and not help my acne at all! Finally a family friend recommended Clear Complexion B5, and after 5 days my acne was gone. Seriously! I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now and now all I have to do is wait for my acne scars to clear up! I know that takes a while for scars to clear but seriously, this product is incredible. It’s a liquid, you take one in the morning and one at night, helps clear up skin within a couple of days. I was very skeptical of a liquid acne solution, I didn’t believe it until I used it. On other medications I would become very nauseous and sick, but with Clear Complexion B5, I have had no effects besides no acne! I will be recommending this product to everyone I know!”

Emily P., 19
Murrieta, CA

“I have tried so many different face wash products, scrubs, ointments, and 3 step acne treatments to no avail. Most of the time I just break out more after switching to something new. I am so glad I found Clear Complexion B5! I don’t even use any special topical face products and I have not worried about new blemishes since I started taking Clear Complexion B5. It starts working right away. I even noticed a difference when I didn’t take it for a week, I noticed some blemishes and realized I had forgotten part of my morning routine after moving. Right after starting up again, I cleared right up! I will never stop taking Clear Complexion B5!”

Kayli A., 31
Temecula, CA

“My son has been plagued with acne since he turned 11 years old. By the time he turned 13 it had become cystic. His skin has been raw, red , and broken out since then. We have tried every treatment out there. Weekly therapeutic facials, visits to the dermatologists, many different prescription creams and pills all have failed to successfully treat his skin. Within one week of taking Clear Complexion B5 he commented on how soft his skin was becoming. After a month there are no new break outs and the redness and scarring are visibly improved. Clear Complexion B5 is amazing!”

Sue S.

“Acne runs in my family. My sister and I have really bad skin, my brother constantly visits the dermatologist, and even my mom (despite her age!) still suffers breakouts when all hell breaks loose at the office. This is why it was such a surprise when my sister came home from spring break… looking positively glowing with her skin all cleared up. I had to look at her once, twice, and thrice before I realized what was so different. She told us that it was because of this supplement that she was taking called Clear Complexion B5. In just a week after taking it, her skin cleared up. We were intrigued… and maybe a bit skeptical because it couldn’t have done it that fast. But when I took it myself (she’d brought home a pack), I was pleasantly surprised to see results in just a couple of days. Even better, I didn’t have to suffer through painful and abrasive acne treatment. When people ask me what’s so different about me, I just smile. Thank you, Clear Complexion B5!”

Melanie M.
New Mexico