How It Works

Sebaceous glands within the skin produce a fatty oil called sebum. In small amounts, this oil keeps the pores lubricated and the skin soft. In high amounts, sebum leads to clogged pores, whiteheads, and promotes bacteria growth in the skin. Excesses can be caused by spikes or changes in hormone production, as is common during teen years, times of stress, during the menstrual cycle, and menopause.

Clear Complexion B5 ensures your body can properly break down the excess oil before it clogs the pores of the skin and causes acne.

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Why Clear Complexion B-5 is right for you!

  • It works to clear your skin of pimples, black heads and oily skin.
  • It works on all areas of your body (face, arms, back, shoulders, chest, legs and scalp)
  • No popping or pinching of the skin is needed to remove any blemishes.
  • It’s a perfect daily regimen for those who want to obtain a radiant complexion
  • Results are seen in as little as 36 hours
  • It is ALL NATURAL and made with vitamins, not harsh chemicals.
  • It eliminates having to use topical creams and cleaning products.
  • It works for all ages whether young or old.
  • It gives your skin a constant intake of the vitamins and nutrients that sometimes leave as a result of hormonal changes such as (puberty, diet, birth control, menopause and stress)

Pimples, Blackheads and Oily skin come from ONE problem!

  • The problem is that your skin’s sebaceous glands (under the surface of the skin near your pores) are producing too much sebum oil. Having an excess amount of sebum oil clogs your pores resulting in redness, swelling, pimples, blackheads and oily skin.
  • Pimples are formed when excess sebum oil clogs the pores of the skin and acne bacteria creates inflammation and irritation.
  • Blackheads occur when the openings of your skins pores are clogged with dead skin cells and sebum. The pores continue to get clogged with more and more by sebum and dead skin cells causing your pores to open up. When the problem of excess sebum is addressed, dead skin cells can be washed away.
  • Oily skin comes from a very high production of sebum oil.

Why topical scrubs and cleansers are not working is obvious!

The reason you don’t see real results from a topical skin and acne product is pretty simple. Applying a topical skin and acne product isn’t going to limit the amount of sebum oil that your body is producing. The sebum oil isn’t coming from the outside of your skin, your body is producing this oil in the sebaceous glands. Using a topical may even give you worse acne or blemishes than before because you’re scrubbing and applying strong chemicals to your skin.

The secret to getting rid of blemishes is to attack the problem where it begins. Tests have shown that taking a high amount of the vitamin B5 significantly enhances the body’s ability to process excess sebum.

How do you get the correct amount of vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5 is found in almost all foods but the amount is very low. Many health stores or even large chain stores carry the vitamin B5 but the B5 products they carry also have a very low amount of vitamin B5 and contain other substances that can be harmful to your body in large amounts.

Clear Complexion B-5 is made with pharmaceutical grade vitamin B5 and gives you a sufficient amount of B5 to stop the excess amount of sebum production in your skin. With Clear Complexion B-5 you will also notice that your skin will become smoother and your complexion will have a fresh and healthy glow. Clear Complexion B-5 is not only designed to clear your skin by limiting sebum production, it’s also designed to allow the red and yellow pigments in your skin to be more apparent. When Red and Yellow pigments in your skin are more apparent your skin will look younger and healthier.

Is Clear Complexion B-5 Safe?

It might sound a little scary to be drinking a product for your skin but the truth is that it’s completely harmless. Clear complexion B-5 is made with the vitamins and minerals that you’re already ingesting through food or a daily vitamin. Tests on ingesting higher amounts of vitamin B5 have shown that it is completely safe. Here at Meticulous labs we focus on making our product meticulously and to the highest degree of cleanliness. Clear Complexion B-5 is all natural and made with GMP and NSF certifications. Stop applying strong chemicals to your skin or through pills and start giving your body the vitamins it needs to naturally heal and continue to give your skin what it wants to be healthy.

Is Clear Complexion the cheapest solution for your skin?

Do you want to keep buying cheap topical creams or cleansers or do you want to see real results? There are cheaper products out there but remember that you get what you pay for! Stop spending small amounts of money on products with harsh chemicals that don’t give you the results you’re looking for and start spending your money on a product filled with vitamins and nutrients for your skin that delivers real results. Anyone with serious acne or those who really care about their skin can see that Clear Complexion B-5 is not overpriced. Change your life for less than $3.50 a day!

Clear Complexion B5 is…

• Safe for all ages
• Effective on face & body acne
• NOT an abrasive cleanser or wash
• NOT a medication with harmful side effects
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