Is The Gym Effecting Your Skin?

guy running gymWith the increase in social media use, getting in shape has become something that people regularly share on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. The ability to show people your personal progress so easily has become very motivating and almost a way of life. We love to feel healthy, look good and stand out but with all the supplements and workout routines many people are facing one problem. The problem isn’t how much weight you’ve lost or how toned your muscles are getting, the problem is how your skin looks. Continue reading

Why Clear Complexion B-5 is right for you!

2012-clear-complexion-FLAT  Our skin is the biggest organ our body has and the mindset to improve our skin shouldn’t be any different than the ones we have to loose weight or build muscle. You don’t loose weight or build muscle by rubbing pre-workouts, protein, vitamins or other supplements on your skin, you give these supplements to your body by digesting them and allowing your body to distribute them to where they need to go. Continue reading

What Causes Acne?

shutterstock_12658057While the precise cause of acne is still unknown, doctors think it is a result of many related factors. An important factor in the development of acne is a hormone called androgens (also known as male sex hormones). The body increases production of this hormone during puberty and this causes the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum. Continue reading